About a year ago I blogged about creating a focus for the coming year. As I contemplated what the new focus would be for 2014, what went through my head was “is there a 14-letter word that would fit?” … with no real thought or counting, what popped in was “TRANSFORMATION” (yup that’s 14 letters). Later in my desire for numerical exactitude, I arrived at the added bonus: “THIS IS THE YEAR FOR YOUR” which is precisely 20 letters. So I’m delighted with this theme for 20-14 of “This is the year for your transformation.”

Since “transformation” gets thrown around in many ways, it may be useful to clarify the term.  It refers to changing (something) completely and usually in a good way. A caterpillar becoming a butterfly is a great Butterflyexample as it demonstrates how what existed before undergoes a process of passing  from being one thing to being something else. Transformation is beyond enhancement and is unlike other concepts of alteration.

As I consider for myself what this looks like, I see a shift from a world focused on or that begins with “I” to a world that begins with the field of relationship. If that doesn’t fully make sense to you, join the club. Part of this year will be about inquiring into what this means. To begin, distinguishing a sense of self is typically seen as a key developmental milestone.  We come to organize our experiences around how things affect the person we refer to when we say “I” or “me.” What if this is only one possible way of seeing ourselves and our world? What if we were to begin with relationship and see conversations arising from there and then our “self” being given by the conversations? This fits with the notion of being “out here” with people.

Aside from what may seem esoteric, the very practical side of this transformation seems to involve a softening of the boundaries of self, less arguing for one’s positions, and more interest in what it’s like to be in partnership. Perhaps my first breakthrough is in starting with not knowing what I’m talking about. Maybe I’ll find beauty in “I don’t know” and lose interest in “I’m right.” Now that would make 2014 a year of transformation. What might 2014 hold for you?  What is a complete modification for the better that would have you exhilarated a year from now? All of my very best wishes to you and your loved ones for a miraculous year.

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