Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. As kids, we would start trick or treating right after school. If Halloween fell on a weekend, we would get candy all morning, change costumes, and go back out for round two.

When thinking about this year’s costume and wanting something timely and topical, I decided upon what you can see in the attached picture. Although I had warnings of “too soon,” for me it is a matter of reverence and there is no mockery here. Plus I didn’t like the alternative suggestion of Gadhafi.

If this is a “come as who you wish you were” holiday and I’ve outgrown superheroes, then I like the idea of being an incredible innovator who has influenced so many spheres of modern life.

I’ve spent much of the past ten days redesigning my company and I would love to hear your thoughts on what I’m playing with. After driving up GoDaddy’s stock with many possible new domain names, I’m leaning heavily toward “Psyched for Work” and a couple of taglines are “Because people who feel better, work better” and “Feel Great. Work Great. Be Great.”

I’ve very much enjoyed organizing my “body of knowledge” to address core components of feeling great and performing at your best. There are the domains of “Feeling” (attitudes, perspectives, lightening up, laughter & humour, play), “Fuel” (sleep, nutrition, activity), and “Focus” (flow and being in the zone). This is all surrounded by “Force Field” – the conversational space and environment.

Please share your comments publically or write to me billy@billystrean.com

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