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Blog-readers! Today we gather in celebration. We are together in appreciation. In recognition. And in praise.  We are in gratitude to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

I’m still processing last Monday’s concert in Albany. I’m curious what features of the man and his music have me be fanatical in a way I am not for any other artist, athlete, or performer. Analysis may take me away from the unbridled energy and pure emotion that I witnessed and felt.

From Badlands to Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (with a tribute to Clarence Clemons with pictures and video clips on the JumboTron, following the line “When the change was made uptown/ And the Big Man joined the band”, which had me finish the concert in tears), it was an amazing journey of rock and roll transformation. To get a taste of the experience, you can see the setlist and hear/see performances of the songs here

During the concert, when I had short break from being present and in the energy of the show, I asked myself about my own “inner Bruce Springsteen” … how do I bring my own version of inspiration into the world? How can I best bring people alive through my work? Tentatively, I believe that my audiences may be much smaller and my performances more education than entertainment. I see that it is not about being my rendition of someone else, but by being the best form of me. And whatever I do, when I’m 62, I want to be able to do it at full throttle for 3 hours in the style of The Boss.

In honor of Bruce, this week features a little Springsteen trivia contest. Answer the following 3 questions:

1. The lyric “Billy he’s down by the railroad tracks” is from what song?

2. “C’mon Billy won’t you break out the wine” (alternate version: “C’mon Billy won’t you take out your car”) is from what song?

3. What song has “Billy” in the title? (hint: it’s on the same album as the answer to #1)?

Please send your answers to billy@billystrean.com  Prizes will be awarded.

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