I was at Strozzi Institute, which is my dojo and spiritual home, attending a course on “Cultivating Mastery.” The outstanding practices and explorations re-connected me with my core purpose. Among the implications of our training, I realized how I have been “hiding” the work I do as a somatic coach. Here I intend to share what should become a key point on this website and in my other communications.

If personal/professional coaching is a process in which one guides the client to greater fulfillment, balance, and effectiveness, the somatic perspective takes it to deeper and more profound levels. Good coaching may be transactional, assisting action and goal attainment. Great coaching is transformational, shifting the actor and changing who clients “are being” or how they show up in life. By attending to clients’ thinking, feeling, and acting – by seeing the history they embody, how they shape themselves as unified people (i.e., interacting with the soma, or body in its wholeness), as a somatic coach, I support clients in becoming their commitments and values rather than just acting in accord with their beliefs and ambitions.

I work with clients both in person and over the phone using conversations as other coaches do, but also in helping them to develop greater levels of feeling and sensation and embodied practices that have them make foundational alterations in who they are.

One of the components that is most exciting is that clients get what they come for, but they get so much more. Because we are working in new domains with novel approaches, the new job or the successful weight loss (that brought them to coaching) seem less important than the new vistas and more powerful and satisfying ways of being in the world they obtain through somatic coaching.

I’m thrilled that my own somatic training over the past decade plus, coupled with my other education (in coaching, sport/performance psychology, etc.) allows me to offer this wonderful work. If you would like a free test-drive of the experience of somatic coaching, please contact me.

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