In the past two weeks, I’ve watched the season finale of The Voice, Hawaii 5-0, Grey’s Anatomy, and Modern Family. I used to take pride in not having any TV shows I made a point of watching weekly. I have gotten emotionally involved with several sets of characters and, frankly, I’ve enjoyed looking forward to the programs and sharing them with family.

Sometimes fiction fills the void of excitement, change, and adventure in “real life.” For me, perhaps the world of make-believe has been a respite from a lot of change and adventure. The biggest finale I’m facing is the end (at least temporarily) of my 19 years  in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. I begin a 3-year secondment in the Faculty of Extension on July 1, primarily focusing on the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. (How many times will I have to explain that “secondment” is a temporary transfer of an official or worker to another position or employment? Will “PBC in TLHE” become my acronym of choice?)

The ritual of closing makes way for new opening and possibilities. What can you declare over or to bring to  an end? What are you yearning to start? Maybe starting with material things and discarding what’s unneeded creates momentum to foster new beginnings. I look forward to office cleanings and closet thinning. In a full life, a piece of blank canvas looks very tasty.

In the “just for fun” category I’d like to share the great time we had at the Alan Doyle concert on Friday in support of his new (awesome) album “Boy on Bridge.” After an energizing show, we had a chance to say hello and I got to tell Alan how much joy his music has brought me. Very cool moment.

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