Perspective is one of the most powerful concepts. Recognizing that we always see things from a point of view creates the opportunity to distinguish a particular way in which we are experiencing something. It opens the possibility of seeing another way and another way and another way. Coupled with the understanding that how we show up in life and how we perform depends on how situations occur to us, we have an incredible key to greater joy and more wonderful results.

During recent weeks, I’ve considered how most of our “first world problems” are really about the frosting in life. FrostingWe already have the cake. This has been strictly a metaphor until yesterday when I debated whether to buy a can of frosting or to make it from scratch. I decided frosting matters and I made a decadent chocolate covering for my cake. Yet recognizing that our foundation is solid and we are not going hungry can allow some relaxation and may soften our outlook as we address our challenges.

If we already have lives that essentially blessed and full of luxuries – of both material goods and the time for contemplation, does that not take a lot of the stress out of what we confront? What if most of what we agonize about could be shifted to considering that “it’s all gravy”?

If this is all sounding so far, so good as it does to me, then what takes us away? I found some great answers in an unexpected place. I was watching a video of a commencement address by the unlikely character, Jim Carrey. Certainly there was some of what you would expect in the way of silliness and laughter. There were also profound ideas with the conclusion, “Choose love and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.”

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