Where are you? Although Jon Kabat-Zinn wrote a book called Wherever You Go, There You Are, if I ask you where you are, you are most likely going to respond “here.” You will also say where I am is “there.” This is the beginning of a very powerful personal experiment that I participated in during the Being A Leader course. The preamble to the experiment allows you to see that, in short, where you are is here, and everything not you is there. If this seems obvious, it is really important you take the time to walk through the experiment and definitely don’t believe what I am telling you. I suggest you do this with a partner.

Although you may be tempted to take short cuts, like any rigorous experiment, the results may change if any of the steps are changed. I suggest you download the slide deck from the course here and then on the PDF, go to page 260 of 1045, (it has “277” in the top left corner and is labeled “A Personal Experiment”). Have a partner read the slides with you to #326.
Sometimes I feel like I don’t have something to write about; lately it has been more the difficulty of selecting among the many things that have been swirling around since the Being A Leader course. The result of the experiment above provides not only a new way to listen and be with people, but a new context for how you see yourself. My sense is that if I attempt to give you the punchline, it will short change you.

Please try it out and let us know what you discover for yourself.

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