MayaLastPhotoI lifted Maya up from her dog bed and carried her to sit in my lap in the back of Paula’s car. From the time my fingers slipped under her, feeling her soft fur that I’ve spent countless hours petting these last 10 years, to the time I took my hand off her chest when the vet said, “She’s gone,” Maya gave me a profound lesson in grace.

Maya has always been an “easy dog,” but she rose to new heights. She did everything possible to communicate that she was ready to go and we were making the right decision. She refused food; even an offer of a treat. She made not a single sound of protest.

Maya taught me many things and her final act served as a profoundly generous lesson. I learned about unconditional love from Maya. No other being has passed through my life with less ambivalence. I loved her purely and expected nothing in return. She showed me how to be generous and caring without an agenda.

MayaWalkMaya came to us after being a runaway. She was scheduled to be put down before our friend, Darlene, rescued her. She was so beautiful, even teenagers would stop to comment. She was incredibly gentle; a gift of yin in our yangster household. Maya was my partner on many ventures into nature and an always-willing companion on walks to the mailbox.

What a huge gift you gave us to leave with truly amazing grace. It was not lost on me that you passed on the fourth of October. I will celebrate annually how you filled my heart with joy: 10-4 Good Buddy.

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