Many of my friends and colleagues in the world of coaching, speaking, and leadership development are very good at what they do. The services they provide make a difference for individuals and organizations. Many of them are less skillful as entrepreneurs and business people. I want to be gentle in both how I might pat myself on the back and also tar myself with the same brush. Like many others, VideoShotI love what I do and I tend to get great feedback from audiences and clients. Extolling one’s own virtues is a questionable undertaking in many contexts, particularly in genteel Canadian society. I frequently hear folks say that they don’t want “to sell” themselves.

One of the most refreshing perspectives I heard offered in this “marketing” domain is “How can you help the people who are already looking for you to find you?” I believe my first reply was an erudite, “huh?” The notion presented was that there are people out there who are hungry for what you provide and it is kind and helpful to ease their path to locating you and benefiting from what you offer. That’s lovely compared to trying to navigate the construction of social media pitches to present your latest wares.

I continue to wrestle with finding the best methods to share my offers so these prospective clients and I connect with each other. My latest effort was the creation of a video. You can click on the picture or this link to check it out. If people you know may be already looking for me, can you please help them find me? Be exhilarated.

Exhilarated Performance Video

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