If the instructor for your course in stress reduction introduced himself while his shoulders were pressed toward his ears and his face was twitching, your trust and his credibility might be compromised. So it goes with a Chief Exhilarator trying to write a blog while in a winter lull. Perhaps it was lack of sleep, little sun, and excessive snow greeting the start of spring, but the past few weeks were tipping more toward the blah side of my alive-o-meter.

We tend to teach what we need to learn and sometimes the solutions are in the most simple lessons. In some kind of self-prescribed effort to position my self and my work differently, I decided to back-burner laughter and humour. What I realize is that this is at the heart of what I do and a key pathway to the heart. In many ways, laughter itself truly is the best medicine and as Norman Cousins, put it “laughter is an ambassador for all the positive emotions” and “to the extent laughter or any of the positive emotions, can block panic, depression, or despair, we have a therapeutic ally.” So, while embracing the greater complexities of positive psychology, workplace performance, and enhancing education, it’s important (for me) to honor the value of mirth, giggles, and jocularity.

This led me to agree to lead a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training on April 27 and 28 in Edmonton. If you’d like a copy of  the flyer or the registration form (I’m on the road and can’t upload from my iPad), please e-mail me. Lightening up and laughing together are key steps in forging a world of greater kindness and community.

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