Do you ever wonder if we over-attribute meaning to life’s events? Perhaps I’m stretching to find some learning from a painful moment. Why not extract some value even if it isn’t “really” what happened?

On Saturday we were pushing the clock to squeeze in a stop at Transcend, Paula’s favorite coffee emporium, before picking up Andrew at the ski hill. Normally I forgo the lid to my beverage with thoughts of environmental sustainability, but I capped my cappuccino and Paula’s americano and I began my dash to the car. I encountered a sheet of ice and the ribs on my right side greeted the pavement leaving me out of breath and said lid liberated from my sadly splattered drink. (Good news, I kept my left hand up and salvaged Paula’s coffee.)

During the past couple days of ice packs and cringing, I asked myself what can I take away from this adventure. First, I tend to hold being on time like a noose. The sheep’s clothing is a commitment to integrity. It sounds good to say that I am dedicated to keeping my word and arriving when I said I would. The wolf underneath is that it is really that I’m attached to doing it right and trying to be perfect … performing so as not to disappoint and be rejected. Not so virtuous.

Second, I realized how often I get ahead of myself (energetically). I’m already on to the next thing or preparing or trying to optimize and out-think such that I’m not present.

Allowing myself a little freedom and flexibility and taking some more time might have saved me from wincing each time I invoke some of my lower abdominals. I hope there is something in here for you.

 One of my first thoughts was that my injuries might deter from my enjoyment of tonight’s Springsteen concert. I head to Vancouver shortly and I can’t imagine better medicine.

I also look forward to viewing the space between my nose and upper lip on Saturday when I bid goodbye to Movember. If you would like to support our attempts to raise awareness for men’s health go to

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