Actually, Lake Louise is looking about 95% frozen, but the title works better to talk about the relentless issue of perspectives. As I was driving to this beautiful destination to speak to the Alberta Colleges and Institutes Faculties Associations conference, I was imagining the spectacular emerald waters I would behold upon my arrival. When I saw nary a sliver of emerald and a vast expanse of snow and ice (the sight of which merifully left Edmonton at the beginning of the month), I felt a bit of disappointment.

If this is enough of an issue to make it to my consciousness, it’s a great day. That, too, is a perspective. One of my favorite ways of viewing my life is “I’ve got good problems.” I genuinely feel fortunate that I have the concerns I do and that I don’t worry about food, shelter, or immediate violence.

This morning I heard one of my colleagues, Troy Payne, mention in his keynote, how Albert Einstein commented that whether you view the world as a friendly place of abundance or as a dangerous and scary place, you are right.

Do you wake up in the morning and see opportunities or obstacles? We seem almost hard-wired to seek out problems and to try to solve them. If we can become aware of that tendency, we can start to shift to focus on bright spots. We can be grateful for our blessings.

How you perform today and your experience of your life will depend on how situations occur to you. Rather than being at the effect of how the world seems, we can make it up in ways that energize, empower, or exhilarate us.

Perhaps the best way to be psyched for Monday is to set the intention and choose to have today be one worthy of your excitement and positive energy.

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