I was out for a walk on the beautiful trail in the river valley just a block from my house. After a rough night’s sleep and a topsy-turvy couple of days, I was seeking out some perspective and, perhaps, a bit of a mood shift. I passed a couple walking the other way and the woman said “Nice dog!”



(As you can see, Maya is a beauty.) We smiled, made eye contact, and the gentleman added, “Nice guy, too.” I chuckled and said that she frequently gets such compliments, but his remark was unusual. This struck me as a perfect example of what Barbara Fredrickson calls “positivity resonance” or how she redefines “love” … Micro-moments of connection.

love2.0As I’ve been reading her latest book, Love 2.0, it’s struck me how much of what we do in laughter clubs and what I’ve been saying for years about attitudes aligns with the research on positivity and the benefits of these micro-moments of connection. We create eye contact and human connection with a positive emotion. The 10 emotions of positivity map almost perfectly with the attitudes that I have included within “Love Life Laughing, Practice Lightheartedness.”

Monday – Marvel: Awe and Inspiration

Tuesday – Take New Perspectives: Hope and Interest

Wednesday – Welcome, Kindness & Compassion: Love

Thursday – Thank You: Gratitude

Friday – Forgiveness: Serenity

Weekends – Chocolate: Amusement and Joy … and Pride for a week well-lived

As I’ve been getting back into the literature of positive psychology, I’m very excited for all of the evidence and connection with what we’ve been doing and advocating in the world of laughter, humour, and exhilaration!

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