This morning I literally saw leaves falling as I was outside for my morning practices. Andrew is starting junior high school and the University is getting back in swing. (For a sense of the mindset of new students, check out The Mindset List for the class of 2017  ). If it can be challenging to be psyched for a typical Monday, what’s it like to accept that summer is over and the whole family is back to early risings?

I continue to be moved by The Secret Millionaire, and this week’s episode has me thinking about winghomelessness and unemployment, offering the perspective that having a job to go to (not to mention a nice home, plenty to eat, and all the other trappings) is a blessing.

Somewhat from the inspiration of seeing the generosity of the wealthy and the plight of truly good-hearted folks, I have a new project that has me particularly psyched for getting back to work in high gear. I’m turning my attention to The Exhilarated Workplace™ with a focus on how I can best contribute to life at work for those who serve charities, not-for-profits, and other “do-gooder” groups. I am looking to connect benefactors/donors/”secret millionaires”/corporations with organizations that could benefit from my services, but don’t have the resources. For now I am seeking out potential participants from both sides. So if you fit either of the categories, please contact me.

I’m brainstorming ways to make this work best, so I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.


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