Bowman Lake, Glacier Nat'l Park

Bowman Lake, Glacier Nat’l Park

This past week, I participated in a Wisdom Quest in Glacier National Park. What may you ask is that? Let me give you an explanation from my colleague and friend, Linda Graf, who guided my journey, followed by an attempt to share my experience.

“For thousands of years, humans have taken time out in nature to tune in and listen to their ‘wise’ inner voice. Spending time in nature takes you out of your ordinary environment and regular patterns of thinking. Being outdoors activates all your senses and opens up your capacity to imagine and wonder.

It reminds us that we are part of something larger and elicits fresh thinking about what this means in our role as leaders and in our personal lives. Wisdom is listening and connecting to something greater than our individual selves.

The answers are available — if we take time to get quiet, ask intentional questions and expand our ability to listen.”

With a day of set up before and a day of integration after, I spent from sunrise to sunset in silence by myself in relatively raw wilderness. By getting present to my life and my key questions, I was able to gather wisdom from the elements, from the surroundings, and I got connected to my essence.

As a guy who can so easily default to intellect, it got really clear that the best answers come from something other than figuring out. More importantly, I felt what others have seen and told me. The messages echoed and confirmed what I have been coming to over the past months: loving and joyful heart, playful spirit. My purpose is to be a loving presence that connects people to joy and aliveness.

The experience confirmed one of the pillars of exhilaration is connection with the natural world. As I am playing with it now, it is about being ALIVE:
Activated energy
Loving relationships
Inspired purpose and passion
Venture into nature
Enjoy yourself

How does your life look from these five lenses? How exhilarated are you? I’d love to hear your comments.

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