If there’s a condition of hyper-reflectivity, I’m diagnosable. So a landmark of a half-century is fair occasion to contemplate where I’ve been and where I’m going. When people say they recall where they were when Kennedy was assassinated, my joining in is met with looks of incredulity that I must be too young, but it’s easy as I was in utero. About six months later, in New York City, I arrived on May 15, 1964. Here I am toward the opposite corner of the continent, considering my future. To those who have made comments in any way addressing what I’ll do in “the next 50 years,” I admire your optimism, but the actuarial tables land me in the grave a good twenty years sooner. Although longevity itself may seem more important with the passage of time, I’m one of those “life in the years” guys.

One of the highlights of the big birthday was the acknowledgments and celebration with closest friends. A very wise one put it best, “May this be the benchmark birthday that brings you the certainty of the loving power of your own Presence – you are a light that brings joyful life to all who open to you – you are a true gift. I feel honored to be your friend.” What could be better than that?

I’ll take my AARP eligibility and whatever discounts for which I qualify, but my focus is on how best to shine my light and make as big a difference as I can. Perhaps by recognizing that I’m not some of the things that my ego might like to be, but I’m awfully good at something and quite blessed by opportunities. Do the best swimming you can if you’re a fish; you suck at trying to hop like a bunny and you might die trying.

My latest mantra for my work is “Live UP*: like Viagra for the human spirit.”
(*UP = Unified Person; more to come on that)

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