Dr. Billy Strean, Exhilarated Approach

The Exhilarated Learning Environment™ is one in which teachers truly teach, and learners truly learn. Learners immerse themselves in the content, retain more of the knowledge delivered and become self-motivated to change behaviour.

And perhaps most importantly, they genuinely enjoy the learning experience; there is laughter, joy, play… and serious learning.

The Exhilarated Learning Environment™ is defined by three fundamental dimensions:

  1. Human Connection Dimension. Largely under-emphasized in traditional presentation skills programs, this dimension acts on the inevitable wall and unwritten contract between teacher/presenter and learner/participant. On the learner side, it creates comfort and it predisposes the individual to accept the content and remain open to the possibility of suggested behavioral changes. On the presenter side, it enhances the trainer/presenter’s confidence, presence, authenticity and commitment to results.
  2. Whole-Body Engagement Dimension. A completely different paradigm from simple learning styles, whole-body engagement leverages all thinking-feeling-acting channels that people use to absorb new information, concepts and possibility. This results in faster transfer of knowledge content and much higher retention rates.
  3. Content to Context Dimension. Training and courseware design have historically been linear and reductionist – which often leaves learners lost and with no overarching vision of end-goal or purpose. This dimension brings the latest advances in sport psychology and coaching to corporate training, by specifically and intentionally balancing context and content within the education process and design. This dimension brings in one of the most essential elements of successful education: learners need to have the parts connected to the whole.

3 Dimensions of Exhilarated Learning - Billy StreanDr. Strean developed Exhilarated Learning based on his eclectic range of disciplines and fields of study — somatics, sport psychology, laughter and play, and his over 25 years of teaching experience. It is the foundation of his success both in the classroom as well as outside the classroom as keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. (See Keynotes and Workshops.)

The three dimensions of Exhilarated Learning also form the core of faculty programs designed to help other professors, teachers, and trainers incorporate the principles of Exhilarated Learning into their own classrooms and training sessions with unique professional development programs for faculty.