If you’ve been following my blog for the past couple of years, you may recall the idea of having a focus for the coming year. If not, you can see the story here. Last year was about transformation, which is 14 letters and perfect for 2014. I was thinking for 2015 to have a theme of curiosity and I’ve been pondering the phrase “curiosity before judgment.” I’m also excited about several projects in the New Year related to mindfulness – both in Edmonton schools and the new community of practice we are creating on the University of Alberta campus. Lo and behold a 20-letter phrase “The year of mindfulness.” Followed by 15 letters of “curiosity before.” Perhaps a bit of a stretch to fit, but I like the ideas.mindfulness

Curiosity (before judgment) fits nicely with “play,” which is the topic of a class that I’ll be teaching starting next week. I am extremely psyched for it!

One year ago, I raised the question of what would be possible by embracing “I don’t know” and losing interest in “I’m right.” That transformation is incomplete and curiosity may be a valuable mood shift. I wonder what it will bring in 2015.

What is calling to you most right now? What could be your focus and touchstone for 2015? What might you embody more and more for the next trip around the sun that would make the biggest difference for you?

All the very best to you and your loved ones for a joyous and exhilarated 2015.

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